Our Mission


This is the mantra we live by at Sea Sky Surface. When we became more aware of the plastic problem, it was so easy to stand in the grocery store and feel paralyzed and helpless when confronted with the problem on such a large and very real scale. 

We want to save the world, we really do. But we still have a family to feed, and lives to live.  

This means, we have to do everything in our power to live as mindfully as possible, but to accept that we will not and cannot be perfect. And thats ok. 

Doing something, is infinitely better than doing nothing. Doing nothing because we don't believe we can make a difference is so much worse. For those who have the means to make choices of buying food without plastic packaging, or non-plastic based fabrics, I believe we should do that as often as we can. 

There simply are not the product offerings out there in the mainstream, to be able to live a perfectly plastic free life at this time. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try if it does not cause us hardship. These products are often more expensive, or more difficult to find and we completely accept that as of this moment it is not financially or practically available for everybody.

But the more people who make these changes, the more companies will listen and change what they're selling. And through economies of scale, things get cheaper and more accessible to a wider population and its only a matter of time before it becomes the majority. 

We CAN change the world.