About Us


Sea. Sky. Surface was established as a response to the expanding awareness of our individual impacts on the planet. 


We thought we were doing ok, mostly recycling, cognizant of leaving outdoor spaces cleaner than when we arrived, conserving water, taking re-useable bags to the grocery store. 


The big wake up call for us was when we began scuba diving a couple of years ago and saw trash way offshore in the ocean. I've stood on a jetty in Belize looking at waves of trash caught up in seaweed, spreading 30 feet from the beach. In Roatan, we took the deepest commercial submarine available to the general public, a two seater (barely), down to 2100ft, where even light does not reach and we saw trash on the ocean floor. It was heartbreaking.


So I started reading up. I came across Boyan Slat and the Ocean Cleanup Project. I know a lot of people have a lot of opinions on the validity of this project and its impacts. But ill tell you now, it inspired me to look at myself and my family's life and see what more we could do. It ultimately lead to the creation of Sea Sky Surface.


We have adopted a minimal waste lifestyle and are continually looking to improve. We've done the obvious switches, no single use bottles, straws, flatware, plastic bags... we also switched to bars of shampoo/conditioner/soap. I started only buying produce that was not in plastic containers, buying meat/fish from the meat counter where they wrap in paper not pre-packaged. I started making my own lotion and bought a composter for the garden.


But it still didn't feel like enough. And that is how Sea Sky Surface LLC was born. 


My husband and I have been active skydivers for 6 & 7 years respectively, accumulating around 900 jumps each. Unfortunately, back surgery stopped his jumping. That's when we looked for another adventure sport to plan our vacations around and began scuba diving, which we immediately fell in love with. We were already big fans of loading up our pop-up camper and heading to the national forest, but after I saw all the beach clean-up activity going on around the world we decided to head down to Surfside (our closest beach here in Houston). We were utterly horrified by what we found and immediately started cleaning up. The amount of washed up trash is almost unbelievable. 


So as we are big fans of playing outdoors in the Sea, the Sky and on any Surface we can find, we decided that an apparel and lifestyle product offering that supported our sustainable and eco-friendly goals should be our next step forwards in this journey. Mark is an avid fisherman and lives in long sleeved UPF shirts both on and off the water. There are so many out there, but none of them have been soft enough, cool enough and functional all at the same time. We want to add sustainable to that list.


We are working hard and fast to bring innovative products of our own and use existing technologies and products to bring awareness to the plastic-free, minimal waste movements. We have had people tell us that nothing we do here in America and other Western countries matters, it's all China, Africa and the rest of Asia. But I cant help but disagree. We live in a capitalist, consumerist society. Companies only make what people are buying and if we stop supporting those companies or buying those products that do not align with our ethical and moral guidelines we can make our voices heard. As a world leader, we should be setting the example, not sitting back because someone else is doing more wrong than we are. 


We want better for us and for our planet. I don't want to dive in a sea of plastic waste. I don't want to eat fish that most likely have ingested plastic. I don't want this beautiful, amazing world to be spoiled for future generations because it was more convenient for me to buy spinach in a bag.


We CAN change the world. #protectyourplayground


Alex & Mark